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Those who have a hormone imbalance, or the Transvaal Races… added Alack, changing the subject, getting away from his freakish metabolism. Usually separate the genders…. Afterwards, they took an underground tram to a secluded hotel, which is part of a mountain hidden away on private land from the eyes of the curious. The room, with a patio, covered by a rocky overhang with trees fronting, is comfortable.

With three small rooms and a large inner parlor, Alack dropped his heavy valise in the center on the thick rug. Both Sculpon and Demos followed him around as he checked out the small bedroom, felt the bed and commented it is too soft. Then to the bathroom shower facility, the closet and back to the parlor, he began to re-arrange the modern furniture.

When done, Alack took a seat staring at both men. We need to see what you have in there?

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Sculpon eyed the big gray valise. With a loud exhale Alack left his seat and began unlocking the various straps and Velcro seams. He removed his clothes, carefully laying them out on the sofa, then to the hidden compartments for his equipment. This is a weapon. He connected both ends and swung it around his upper body, over the back, and above his head. Seminians fight like cheerleaders.

Demos laughed until Alack released the gleaming sharp halberd blade from the grooved end and waved it in his startled face. Saying nothing, Alack retracted his weapon back into the simple looking tube.

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He then removed his throwing stars, various daggers, his utility belt, his Calcomp and other items used for demolition and investigation work in the field. When done, Alack displayed all the open compartments and hidden slots. Are you satisfied?

Sculpon opened his Anti-D pistol case with its compartments for supplies. Alack took the weapon from Sculpon and began to wipe the finger smudges from the gleaming bluish crimson metal.

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Yes, to your questions. We can change our weapons if we please to suit our specific needs. Alack packed it away. This is an antique! Our bio-implants make us very sophisticated. Implants can malfunction due to salts in different biology. Bio-energy and saline static can short-circuit them. In a combat situation they are easily damaged by heightened adrenaline levels, and in certain lighter atmospherics will cease to operate.

As for my bulky Calcomp, this I can toss about, use in water, low atmospherics and hostile environments. Those devices you have implanted are not good for long term hazardous field work.


We stopped using these eons ago. Another loud exhale, fruit and shit go together. Alack grabbed away the belt carefully folding it up. Gentlemen, weather or not we like another is irrelevant, as long as we can work together. Alack stared at them expecting his effort at humor to get a reaction. Feeling frustrated and tired, Alack went to the door and opened it, pointing with his piano finger into the hall. Arranging his items, Alack put on his sleeping shorts, studied the three data pouches he received earlier, and fell asleep.

He slept well, on the floor and when his bio clock told him the time is nigh, he is refreshed and ready. A quick workout doing the stretching, gymnastic warm up exercises, a quick shower and he ordered a gigantic breakfast from room service. He paced waiting in his kimono. Sculpon pushed the cart with a half dozen steaming dishes into the room.

Demos followed behind with a decanter of juice and fresh linens. Maid Service Demos tried to wrap a big napkin around his thick neck but Alack stopped him with a scowl. We aim to please! Good morning. Forcing himself to be nice, Alack attacked his meal eyeing both like some animal protecting its kill.

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