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In retrospect too, I believe that the geodetic construction of the Wellington by the great Barnes Wallis Of Dambusters fame helped prevent the aircraft breaking up. Upon landing on the waves, it was my job to locate the dinghy release which self-inflated the craft. While we all piled in I cut the attached rope, and as we gently floated away, poor old "N for Nuts" entered a watery grave.

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Within the dinghy was a Very Pistol that when fired exploded a cartridge high into the atmosphere producing a satisfying loud bang and a brilliant light that could be seen for miles. As we were, as I mentioned only a mile or so from Whitby, it was a bit unnecessary as a small fishing vessel already in the vicinity hurried alongside helping us aboard and securing the dinghy aft.

Remarkably,no one sustained even a scratch ,though later after being taken to RAF Thornaby Coastal Command Station a few miles up the coast, we were medically examined , declared fit,but ordered to spend a night in the sick bay. After a good night's rest plus a satisfying breakfast,railway warrants issued. So, back to Harwell where later, we were quizzed by Rolls-Royce representatives as to the origin of the engine fire but were not able to shed any light. I believe that some modifications to later Merlin engines ensued, but ironically the long route was not required,as at this time Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, and The Royal Navy successfully broke the siege of Malta ,a large convoy including some petrol tankers entered Valletta harbour,enabling our aircraft to re-fuel,and subsequently flying to Cairo.

Landing a land plane on the water,and using a dinghy made by P.

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This episode I have already related in my Journal. Phil Green.

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Find out how you can use this. These messages were added to this story by site members between June and January It is no longer possible to leave messages here. Find out more about the site contributors. Boring household pets? No, again. The history is interesting. A small rubber company called P. Over a hundred years later, in the s, the company started manufacturing inflatable products and soon became a world leader in air-sea rescue equipment, including emergency dinghies and the first inflatable life jackets.

This name was quickly adopted by forces from all Allied nations and became common nomenclature. Acclaimed local artist and sculptor, Greg Percival, accompanied by the well-known aviation journalist and film….

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The Museum is able to offer speakers to interested groups or societies on a range of subjects connected with the history of operations at RAF Tangmere and other military aviation subjects. Further details of the full range of presentations and the availability of speakers can be obtained by calling the museum on , by emailing your interest to director tangmere-museum.

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More News. Read all. Flight Simulators.

More Information. Talks by Tangmere The Museum is able to offer speakers to interested groups or societies on a range of subjects connected with the history of operations at RAF Tangmere and other military aviation subjects. Virtual Cockpit tours Click the photo to enter the Canberra cockpit. Click the photo to enter the Lightning cockpit.