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Power in early and middle Republican Rome. Mater Matuta and the votive phenomenon: guaranteeing fertility in Italic and Roman Italy. William Kentridge in conversation with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev. Looking like Caesar: a case-study of personal likeness and group assimilation in Roman portraiture.

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Artist's talk by Louisa Minkin. Thomas Ashby, G. The materiality of the Pantheon. The naturalness of ancient urbanism.

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Dancing backwards through time: subverting Baroque and Roman architecture. Mapping the social history of Rome: a topographical approach to action and interaction in an ancient mega-city. Artist's talk by Andrew Stahl, 'Observe what's vivid'. Representing the Reinassance: collection, display and scholarship at the National Gallery.

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Akram Zaatari: The Archaeology of Rumour. Greek Manuscripts and Images. The Future of Editions. Rome's Mediterranean Ports Project. Painting blindness in Enlightenment Britain. Bertel Thorvaldsen and Great Britain. Cyprus, Phoenicia and Crete. Henry Moore: Sculpting Modernity. December Mostra Open Studios.

Robert Bevan: Culture, identity and genocide. In the shadow of the dome: Richard Rogers and the urban Renaissance. The interaction of topographical descriptions and cartography in the works of Flavio Biondo and Leandro Alberti. The Archaeology of the Lateran Basilica: a view from below. Imagining Portus.

Computer graphic reconstruction of the Palazzo Imperiale and shipyard excavated by the Portus Project — Roman noses: smell and the senses in ancient Rome. The secrets of Venetian Renaissance glass disclosed by analytical investigations. Elite art in the age of populism. Climate change and sustainability: the UK and Expo Milano Il Grande Progetto Pompei: lavori in corso e prospettive.

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Richard Wright in conversation. Spolia, Relic, Data. Shipping, shipwrecks and genes: thinking about ancient and medieval economic history and archaeology. Open Access and Italian Research.

The painted rock-cut church of S. Barbara Matera, Basilicata. Connoisseurship nel XXI secolo.

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Sit tibi terra levis: Funerary cultures in ancient Rome. Translating stone to paper: Netherlandish drawings after ancient monuments in cinquecento Rome. The Byzantine Sack of Rome. Rebooting the Postwar Academy. Pagan priests, Christian prefects, and religious change in late antique Rome. Sarcophagi and reliefs in the Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Italy seen at its margins: photography and social exclusion since Porticus Deum Consentium o Schola Xanthi?

The Segni Project Segni in the light of recent discoveries. Early Roman colonisation: problems and contexts. Music and the conversions of the affections in Augustine's 'Confessions'. Molly Cotton Lecture: Veio tra protostoria e storia: vecchie ipotesi e nuove acquisizioni. Contacts and Representations between England, Japan and Italy. Book launch: Oxford Handbook of Roman Epigraphy. A Clockwork Jerusalem: architecture, politics, riots and the belief in a better world. Superstudio films: Supersurface — Life , Ceremony Book launch: Le forme della crisi. Rickman Lecture: The Roman Empire and the economy: fiscality and taxation.

War as a creative force: British architecture Renaissance England's representations of Rome. Artist's talk by Vanessa Jackson. Biondo on the Roman republic. Prince of antiquarians: Francesco de Ficoroni Dinamiche di trasformazione tra Roma e il mare: processi, percezioni, prospettive. Walker Lecture: Generating Augustan Rome: hypothesis testing in context. The legacy of terrorism in the politics of the Italian second republic. Oralising Early Modern Literature. Workshop: Popolazione e risorse.

Augustan Poetry and the Irrational. E Pluribus Unum? Artists' talk: 'Outside Architecture'. A history of the movement to reform mental health care in Italy, — Debating Mussolini's Italy. Adriatic Connections. Collapse or survival? Italian Fascism and the ossuaries of the Great War. Kenneth Clark: looking for civilisation. The end of the spectrum: social marginality, coercive power and the rise of socio-political complexity in the first-millennium BC central Mediterranean.

Lazio e Sabina XI. Identity problems in Early Italy II. Catholics representing England in Italy, c. Imagined Landscapes of Campania, Ancient and Modern. The Cardinals' Music: visual evidence of the musical interests of the Curia c. Artist's talk: Henry Horenstein.