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There are many institutions now offering free adult programs to develop one's critical thinking skills or life skills on areas such as language, communication, history, arts, music, mathematics, science, among others if post-secondary education is not a viable option. The section, 4. Steps to mental polarization suggested some links and learning resources, with empasis on Logic and Math which develops both concrete and abstract thinking skiils. One graduates from the probationary path once the mind has somewhat reached greater control of the personality - this means that rational thinking precedes one's actions and decisions in life and no longer emotional impulses, appetites, and conditionings.

Without this degree of mental polarization, the Soul won't be able to work with the mind or the personality, in general.

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And the bridge between the two cannot be constructed, which is the task of the discipleship path. In fact, most of the intermediate esoteric school mentioned here only accept "mature seekers or students". This signifies a person who has already passed or have gone through the trainings of the probationary path - whether in this lifetime or in one's past lives whether conscious of it or not. For some people and seekers, maturity in character and an integrated personality comes naturally, even without probationary path training or even knowledge of esotericism, in general in this present life; they are here to continue discipleship path training where they left off from a prior life.

The method of discipleship path training usually revolves around 3 areas: study, meditation, and service. Esoterically, this is the development not stimulation or activation! Study involves the development of mind as an instrument of the Soul. In the path of probation, the concrete or rational mind is developed using our standard educational system and various readings. The abstract or the higher mind is the target at this stage. In the academe, this is also called "higher-order thinking" or the capacity for creative thinking, problem-solving, and generating new ideas or original thought streams.

The reading lists suggested on occult cosmology can be a good mental exercise to achieve this goal see List 3-In the mood for deep-sea diving.

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In trying to understand complex concepts, the mind is pushed to expand its limits and thereby slowly develops the skill to think in abstract terms, and later on intuitively. This can also be achieved using mainstream methods such as taking on graduate and post-graduate educational programs that involve doing formal research on one's field of expertise. Meditation is advanced work on the mental body that involves the creation of the rainbow bridge or antakharana to align the mind with that of the soul, and in more advanced stages with the Spiritual Triad see below, section 5.

Esoteric and creative meditations. Service is horizontal work to decentralize oneself and avoid ego-centrism. Contrary to the notion of many mystical or new age writings, treading the Path is not retreating from the world but becoming more involved in it.

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The disciple-in-training should be actively involved in anchoring spiritual energies into the world affairs. Politics, public governance, education, psychology, philosophy, culture, arts, science and technology, religion and faiths, and economics and finance are some fields in which every esotericists or disciples are busily engaged in. Therefore, it is important to widen one's horizon to know and understand the problems along these areas and to see opportunities where one can contribute towards human betterment see the sections on 6.

Life of Service and 7. Equally important is a section on Widening the horizon. Phase I. In other literatures, this means being a "conscious person". There is usually a mix-up of concepts in many new age teachings that hate the mind as the "slayer of the real". However, this is not the end-goal yet but is only the beginning of the Path.

There is also a higher mind which needs to be utilized as an instrument for reflecting the Soul's purpose and is the concern of the Phase II training. Phase II.

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If the personality motive is behind one's service or "good works", it may result in spiritual pride. Web site and most contents by Light Net, All rights reserved. Self-study guide on the Ageless Wisdom For seekers who wish to study the Ageless wisdom teachings for the first time, selecting the right materials and resources can be a daunting task due to the overwhelming volume of published materials around.

Suggested reading lists List Is it really your cup of tea? A snapshot of the Ageless Wisdom teachings List Interested, but not willing to commit Ageless Wisdom in capsule form List In the mood for deep sea diving? Important texts you shouldn't miss List Begin your serious study with the end in mind: Putting the "M" word "Master" in the right perspective List Do it yourself advanced meditation techniques List Avenues for learning and sharpening the mind List Yoga that isn't hot or cold, energetics, and healing List Sustainability, visualization, law of attraction, and magic List Putting it all together: Treading the Spiritual Path DIY minus the gurus, bearded characters, and power structures Supplemental List: Bridging the gap between Mainstream Christianity and Ageless Wisdom practices Tips to fellow seekers as to where to purchase or source these books: check your local library your local bookshops or online stores such as Amazon.

Free Online support group We welcome emails regarding any sincere questions or issues you may have in the Path.

Feedback and suggestions You can suggest any improvements, error correction, or any reading materials, groups, study resources, forums that may be helpful to other seekers. Links to esoteric groups based on the Ageless wisdom Suggested reading lists List Is it really your cup of tea? A snapshot of the Ageless Wisdom teachings Below are 3 small books that are easy to read and won't need considerable time investment to finish. List Interested, but not willing to commit to heavy reading: Ageless Wisdom in capsule form The following materials are a bit longer than the 3 small books but they were written in capsule form or stand-alone chapters, that can be read gradually.

Short chapters and a relaxed writing style. All the relevant issues and key concepts of the ageless wisdom are all in this book. It also contains some meditation and techniques that one can practice on. Bailey This can be considered more of a concordance to the "Cosmos in Man". Being a compilation, the topics are disconnected but an excellent supplement to lookup key concepts that needs a little elaboration and explanation.

The topic index are comprehensive. A bird's eye view of Alice A. Bailey's 24 books of esoteric philosophy.

The book was originally a self-study course presented in a rhythmic sequence. It is designed to facilitate step-by-step unfoldment from individuality to group awareness and conscious service to the One Life. There are also spiritual or meditation exercises to try on.

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If some of the terms or concepts appear to be confusing, the book, "Ponder on this" by AAB will come in handy. Bailey by Kathy Newburn Much of this book is a summary of the key points of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings contained in the 24 books of AAB with emphasis towards an understanding of the subjective factors underlying our present outer events, as well as an insight into the challenges and opportunities of our time as foretold in those writings.

These updates include glimpses to the New Plan for humanity in the coming earth changes, which were supposedly "downloaded" from the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Also intriguing is the author's new version of the TGI, called "The Aquarian Invocation" that invokes and evokes a new energetic design for humanity and the planet. Worthy of deep thought, intuitive investigation and an open mind. It has the textbook look and feel. But the strength of this book is its organization - there is continuity from each chapters leading to the end goal of esoteric studies.

Thick book but easy to read. Hall This can be considered as an excellent appendix after going through the entire body of teachings from the preceding books.

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Though already a classic in the field, it will show the nature and origin of the other streams or traditions of esoteric teachings, and how they are all connected. Encyclopedic in breadth but chapters can be read independently. List In the mood for deep sea diving? Important texts you shouldn't miss The following books are reading projects that need some self-discipline to finish. The sections on cosmogenesis chapters 5 to 12 are easier to read than any of the other expositions in the other books.

This has a much better organization than the SD itself. Trevor Barker This is a compilation of letters coming from the inner plane adepts that helped write the SD. It discussed many issues surrounding the SD and also of other practical matters about the spiritual life. Esoteric Psychology Vol. Tapestry of the Gods, Vol. It provides deep insight into the manifestation of the Rays in the human energetic system by explaining how they variously combine, fuse and blend.

A comprehensive 1, page treatise on the Seven Rays for anyone seeking individual and group spiritual transformation. The Secret Doctrine, Vol. Blavatsky The classic work on occult cosmology where it all began. It is also quite controversial as many people who hated HPB are trying to associate this work with Hitler's belief on the Aryan race. While it is true that the Nazis may have lifted up the term, "Aryan race" from this book but they concocted their own interpretations which differed from the original context to suit their political agenda.

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Nowhere can you find in the Secret Doctrine SD any reference to justify or tolerate genocide or mass murder of certain sub-races or root races. The disappearances of the root races were caused by natural upheavals as a by-product of the evolutionary process of the planet. There is also a need to understand the context on how the SD and our society define a "race". The SD or the ageless wisdom views man as a spiritual being, a Soul or a Divine Spirit, and not the physical body belonging to any race. Therefore, the bodies or the groups of people we call races or cultures are nothing but vehicles of manifestation for the reincarnating Soul.

These races being described in the SD are the groups of people belonging to different epochs and are settled in different continents under differing earthly conditions that existed even BEFORE our present "root-race" or civilization as we know it. The whole book is published in two volumes: Vol. If you want a shorter version, better grab Purucker's or Heindel's book, than getting the abridged and edited versions of the SD!

Both were written in collaboration with the same inner plane adepts. A large section of the book is directed to a detailed exposition of Solar Fire, the Fire of Mind, since this is the dominant energy to be understood and controlled during this second solar system. The cosmic Laws operating through the system are shown in relation to the lesser laws of planetary origin and the laws of nature, operating through substance, as distinct from the life and the consciousness of the planet.

He is not a hermit in seclusion - meditating in samadhi while sipping pinacolada in some exotic desert in some Shangri-la like resort, be it in the Himalayas or some golden temple in whatever planes up there- but a practical person that is highly engaged in world-affairs, especially in helping out humanity solve the various pressing problems he is entagled with.

He is not an autocratic master demanding worship nor a fluffy bunny promising shaktipats or white lights as a reward for good deeds. From the beginning to the end of the trilogy, Gandalf- tough, focused and decisive- tirelessly worked behind the scenes and sometimes even on the front lines, esp. He did not aspire to be a king himself, but left the leadership to humans, represented by King Elessar or Aragorn.